Pablo Barenbaum


I am currently a PhD student in Computer Science at Departamento de Computación (Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires). My advisors are Eduardo Bonelli and Delia Kesner. My thesis is about evaluation strategies in calculi of explicit substitutions at a distance.

Most of my PhD was funded by a CONICET grant. I am a member of the LoReL team, the Logics and Dynamics of Programming Languages Group of the LIA INFINIS, and the FunLeP group.

My research interests gravitate towards the lambda calculus and its various manifestations, including rewriting theory, type theory, proof theory, and the foundations and implementation of programming languages and proof-assistants.


Master Thesis: Superdevelopments en el Cálculo-Lambda Débil, 2010 [pdf] (in Spanish).




My position is currently:

The following table summarizes the subjects in which I have been involved:

Semester UBA UNQ
2019(1) JTP@AED2 PI@ED
2018(2) JTP@AED2 PI@PGC
2018(1) JTP@AED2 PI@ED
2017(2) PI@PGC
2017(1) PI@ED
2016(2) PI@PGC
2016(1) PI@InPr
2015(2) PI@InPr
2015(1) PI@InPr
2014(2) JTP@AyED2 PI@InPr
2014(1) JTP@PLP PI@InPr
2013(2) PI@InPr
2013(1) JTP@AyED2 PI@InPr
2012(2) Ay1@PLP PI@InPr
2012(1) Ay1@AyED2 PI@InPr
2011(2) Ay1@PLP PI@InPr
2011(1) Ay1@PLP PI@InPr
2010(2) Ay2@PLP
2010(1) Ay2@PLP
2009(2) Ay2@PLP
2009(1) Ay2@PLP
2008(2) Ay1@PLP
2008(1) Ay2@AyED2
2007(2) Ay2@PLP
2007(1) Ay2@AyED2
2006(2) Ay2@AyED2
2006(1) Ay2@AyED2



Ay2: Ayudante de Segunda.

Ay1: Ayudante de Primera.

JTP: Jefe de Trabajos Prácticos.

PI: Profesor Instructor.


AyED2: Algoritmos y Estructuras de Datos 2.

ED: Estructuras de Datos.

InPr: Introducción a la Programación.

PGC: Parseo y Generación de Código.

PLP: Paradigmas de Lenguajes de Programación.


I have been involved in the development of PyGobstones (2011–2012) and Gobstones Web (2017–2018). These are free software tools that implement the Gobstones programming language.

The Gobstones programming language was designed by a group of researchers and teachers at the University of Quilmes, lead by Pablo "Fidel" Martínez López, to teach students without any previous exposure to programming.

Reading group

In 2014 and during 2016–2019, I coordinated an informal weekly reading group on the lambda-calculus.

Useless crafts

  1. Cratylus – An esoteric programming language based on multivariate polynomial rewriting.
  2. Qriollo – A joke functional programming language based on rioplatense Spanish slang.
  3. An awful QBasic to JavaScript compiler used to run even older useless crafts from my childhood.
  4. Several scripts for algorithmic music generation (e.g. [1], [2]).
  5. I have spent quite a lot of time attempting to write poetry.


Pablo Barenbaum <pbarenbaum(at)dc(dot)uba(dot)ar>

GitHub: foones

Bitbucket: foones

Work address

Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Pabellón 1, Ciudad Universitaria
C1428EGA Buenos Aires, Argentina